toughest.jpg The Kansas City Star has published a totally fun article on the recent 'The Toughest Gun in Dodge City' classic arcade tournament in Florida, as co-organized by Twin Galaxies, which has lots more coverage on its website.

The intro itself hints at forbidden youth: "Today, Steve Sanders is a trial attorney from Kansas City. A middle-aged married guy with four sons. A Sunday school teacher. When he was 18, though, he was the king of the arcade. Growing up in Clinton, Mo., Sanders held the world’s best scores in games such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong."

Unfortunately, Sanders' Joust performance in Florida only yielded "the second-highest score in the world", not enough to get him into the Guinness World Records book (whose odd picks for records we've semi-ridiculed before.) But, it turns out, Abdner Ashman broke the world Ms. Pac-Man record as he scored "933,580 with no extra Boards as he finishes with 133 screens", and he'll sneak into the record books, waka waka. Now that's some creamy retro goodness!