invad.jpg It was really quite recently that we covered Dessgeega's rather avant Game Maker title Kill Your Television, and even just a few days after that, she's back with new title Invader.

Fortunately, the Gamer's Quarter guys provided some info from Dessgeega from their current issue that helps illuminate its background, as follows: "The project that would become invader was started around the turn of the year, when i was coding some mouse routines that would eventually become part of kill your television. it was envisioned as a "long form" game - unlike one-screen games like television - one which emphasize solid level design and setpiecing. all of the screens in invader were constructed with the same small handful of elements."

It's further explained of the freeware PC title: "The game is an homage to metroid and exile, and to taito, whose games - bubble bobble, rayforce, camel try - have had a profound influence on my sensibilities as a player and developer of games. most of all it is a tribute to space invaders, one of the most important and complete games to have appeared in arcades." Invade away, invade away.