hford.jpg Ever entertaining New York blogger Matt, aka Fort90, has managed to procure an almost complete set of photos (part 1, part 2) from the freshly opened I Am 8-Bit 2.006 gallery show in Los Angeles, yay.

And, wow, much like last year, also documented by Fort90, this year's show, documented photographically by somakitty, looks amazing. We particularly dig the genius Brandon Bird's pic of Harrison Ford and his Sega Master Sytem all upset at his kids (who are playing NES? Difficult to tell from here.)

But pretty much everything else is amazing, too, from a Pac-Man ghost skull and crossbones sculpture to some Frogger felt genius - oh, and more excellent faux-Christian Pac-Man-related iconography. We wish we could buy pretty much all of this and hoard it in a cave. Maybe that's just us?