hover.jpg Over at Jeff Minter's YakYak.org forums, they've done gone and spotted one of the most inspired game to movie license deals ever, since "Consolevania, the online videogame review and comedy show that spawned the BBC TV series “videoGaiden,” is pleased to announce that the show has acquired the exclusive movie rights to Jeff Minter’s classic game “Hover Bovver.”"

According to the press release, "The movie will go into pre-production in May 2006", and there's an extremely detailed description of the 1983 Commodore 64 game, in which "Gordon Bennet has borrowed the neighbor's Air-Mo lawnmower. Mow your way through as many of the 16 lawns as you can before the pursuing neighbor retrieves his mower." We're predicting more salivating (bovine) fans than the Halo movie adaptation.

The press release also has a deliciously PR-lite quote from Robert Florence of Consolevania: “We’re delighted to have finally secured the rights to this property. It has always been a dream of mine to bring that loveable lawnmower-stealing rogue Gordon Bennet to the big screen, and I relish the challenge ahead.” Absolutely no idea what's going on here, and we love it.