warship.jpg Since we're fans of the slept-on (witness us trying to upsell Beatmania the other week), we're pleased that Ben '222B' Turner has taken the opportunity to discuss Koei's pretty much ignored Warship Gunner 2 for PS2, just released in the U.S. to zero fanfare, over at his LJ.

As Ben explains of the publisher: "The name Koei conjures images of uninteresting political warfare sims, elderly but gentlemanly Japanese execs at overly formal TGS parties, and one vs. many hack 'n slash tedium", but raves: "I was unaware that from time to time they published games made directly by God... God being Micro Cabin, in this case."

Why so fun? "Like the Dreamcast's underrated Record of Lodoss War, Warship Gunner 2 is a game that encourages you to try to break it, offering you the tools, if you have the dedication, to build yourself up into an indestructible god of the sea that can lord over the game's timid AI fleets and navies." Pretty hardcore stuff, but there are fans on the GameFAQs messageboard with lots of info, if you want to jump on board.