tetris.jpg So, Henk Rogers is a very interesting person indeed - the original businessman who licensed Alexey Pajitnov's Tetris for the Game Boy, the co-owner of The Tetris Company, and most recently an ever richer man after his mobile company's sale to Jamdat, and that company's sale to Electronic Arts.

So, we're delighted to see an in-depth interview with Rogers over at Planet GameCube, in which some fascinating details are discussed, including the 'guidelines' for the Tetris franchise: "We have a minimum bar that we create every year, called the Tetris Guideline, and that guideline is the minimum spec for which someone has to create Tetris. And we raise that bar every year. Part of what we do in the guideline, for example, is dictate which buttons do what."

In fact, Rogers is surprisingly clear-headed, even Machiavellian about the whole thing: "We have two kinds of licenses: ones that makes us money, and one that helps move Tetris forward, and Nintendo [for Tetris DS] is one that actually does both. On the ones where the licensee is just in it for the money, we tell them what to do." Lots more great specifics elsewhere in the interview, too.