enzo.jpg We note solemnly that ex-ombudsman Kyle at VGMWatch has issued a blanket call for less coverage on the Gizmondo Ferrari ferrago, noting: "I can’t help but feel that now it’s time to move on." Well, we agree completely, which is why it's time for another post about it!

First, and most importantly, ex-Gizmondo exec and Ferrari crashee Stefan Eriksson has been arrested "on suspicion of grand theft", as "authorities also placed an immigration hold on him", following weeks of investigation and extremely sarcastic press statements by the Los Angeles police. Finally.

This comes as Gizmondo partner Carl Freer has received a writ for more than UKP500,000 from London law firm Manches for unpaid services - and the same UK Mail on Sunday article notes of Eriksson's red Enzo, blank Enzo, and Mercedes McLaren SLR: "Reliable sources in Britain say all three cars are being claimed by financial institutions - Bank of Scotland, Lombard and Yorkshire Bank - that leased the vehicles to Gizmondo. The company's total bill for leasing cars in 2005 amounted to UKP2 million."

Finally, the San Francisco Chronicle gets in on the gawking with a good overview article which mentions a most recent wrinkle not covered by GSW: "Several weeks ago, police in Beverly Hills stopped Eriksson's wife, Nicole Persson, 33, and discovered that she had no driver's license and that the Mercedes McLaren had no U.S. registration." So.... things not really going so well in the Gizmondo camp, then. We promise to never speak of this again!