nkeyn.jpg Yes, yes, we know it's a little while after the show, but there's still some interesting GDC-related videos and reports wandering out there onto the wide world of the Interweb. In particular, Ziff's GameVideos.com has just posted direct-feed video from Satoru Iwata's Nintendo keynote - not the whole thing, just highlights, but for those who didn't make it, it's good to see actual video excerpts from a sly, funny speech.

Elsewhere, various post-GDC threads on messageboards have posted to a couple of good GDC wrap-up articles by pro game developers. Kyle Wilson, who works at Day 1 Studios, posted an excellent round-up of his GDC experiences on his GameArchitect website, noting: "GDC 2006, in San Jose, was my fifth GDC. They're all starting to run together at this point, and this year's GDC was, as always, huge, frustrating, inspirational, boring, fascinating and exhausting in random measure." He may have also given Iwata a cold, so N-fans, please hunt him down immediately.

In addition, High Moon staffer, GDC advisory board member and all-round nice guy Noel Llopis has posted his own impressions of GDC 2006, with some particularly good observations: "One pattern I noticed in this year's GDC is that, for technical talks, the more general the talk, the more I enjoyed it. As soon as they got bogged down in details, they became much less effective. A lot of it has to do with the dry nature of the topics, and the fact that I can get all those details from a well-written paper. On the other hand, the more general talks (advanced prototyping, Will's keynote, or the God of War one) were all very motivational and inspirational."

[Oh, and some good potential gossip in here - God Of War lead designer David Jaffe and lead programmer Tim Moss had dueling lectures at the show, and Wilson claims that "Tim Moss walked out of Jaffe's talk", which dealt with the tremendous pressures inherent in a freeform vs. carefully planned-out approach to game design. And why those two are The Odd Couple, presumably.]