spf2.jpg Trying to keep the GameTap chatter to a minimum. But since their revamped client has both added SNK titles galore for the PC subscription service, and revealed what's coming up for the next two weeks, we figured mentioning the goodness to our loyal GSW readers was in order.

Firstly, over 10 SNK Neo Geo titles popped up this week (in the Arcade section, don't get confused!), and they're listed on the games page of the GameTap website - highlights include Neo Turf Masters (one of the best arcade golf games ever) and Shock Troopers (top-down Commando-style fun!), with other titles already posted including King of The Monsters 1 and 2, Kizuna Encounter, Sengoku, Ghost Pilots, Puzzled, and Baseball Stars 1 & 2.

We're delighted about that, but a new info section in the client has revealed specific GameTap additions for the next two weeks - next week, being added permanently is Sierra's King's Quest adventure game series, in the shape of King's Quest 1 ('Quest for the Crown') through King's Quest V ('Absence Makes the Heart go Yonder'). Hopefully VI+ will be turning up soon, too.

And the week after that, oh boy - it's a Capcom arcade game fest, including such delicacies as Street Fighter Alpha, Super Street Fighter II, Super Gem Fighter (!), SFII Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 3 (!!), and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (!!!) - yep, the CPS2 emulator is well and truly fired up over at GameTap, and we hope others will get as excited as us with the plethora of goodness you can play on demand.