grjpg Neat news - we note that the arcade, pinball, and jukebox trade/collector magazine GameRoom, which has actually been around since 1988, has just added a PDF download of the March 2006 issue as a sample to its site.

The issue includes fun and games such as pinball designer Steve Ritchie discussing the latest Stern pinball machine, World Poker Tour, and it's interesting that he was at first concerned about the project: "I feared that we would have to overlay a set of poker rules over another set of pinball rules, and sometimes people are confused by the pinball rules alone", continuing that it "just wasn’t a high-impact theme."

There's also a very fun column from Dave Ellis, who runs In fact, you can see the total cost of his collection on his website - a princely $9369.67, including the fact that "...when determining how much a game actually costs, you have to figure in all of the ancillary things like shipping/transportation, sales tax, auction fees, and restoration parts and materials." Go, Dave!