planit.jpg Some interesting discussions have been popping up online about how video game development is planned, and they all started from IGDA executive director Jason Della Rocca's recent article for The Escapist, 'Friction Costs', subtitled: "How immature production practices and poor quality of life are bankrupting the game industry".

Now, longtime Gamasutra columnist and Treyarch technical director/designer Jamie Fristrom has found some disquiet with Jason's suggestions, or at least reason to write him an open letter, noting: "I agree with your article -- too many studios out there, when faced with hardship, the first thing they think is: "We've got to make everyone put in more overtime."... But I also find the article a little hurtful. Your article talks about how we're in the dark with our project management, and how if we got out of the dark we wouldn't have to kill ourselves anymore."

In return, Della Rocca has penned a reply that particularly refers to Steve McConnell’s lecture at GDC 2005 as part of the Quality Of Life seminar. To which Sony Japan's ever-present Greggman responds: "Just being a dick but if Steve McConnell is so smart why is Vista like 3 years late? Isn't he supposed to be product of Microsoft management methods or visa versa, taught them their methods? And hasn't nearly every single Microsoft lately product been late?" Aand... the flaming argument ship rolls on!