ffd.jpg We pretty much adore the off-handed import game commentary from the NCSX folks, and were amused to see that they've now imported the regular Final Fantasy XII potion drinks, which apparently come in supermarket 6 packs, following delivery of the totally sumptuous limited-edition versions last week - pretty ornate stuff.

We were especially tickled by the following description for the regular version: "The glass bottles are packaged six per retainer but the cardboard holder is so flimsy that anyone attempting to lift up a sixpack from the top will end up losing all four of the outlying bottles. A dropped bottle also explodes into tiny shards of very sharp glass as NCS discovered earlier this morning..."

As for the taste itself, eloquence is again provided: "First impression: apple juice. Or is it Kool-Aid? No, make that sugared water infused with a tangy bite that hits your tongue with a tart explosion of flavor which slowly dissipates as the liquid washes down your throat. A loose approximation of the flavor is Arizona Green Tea in those fanciful green bottles." If you're hankering for more FFXII drink fun, there's a good Flickr gallery from a fan who ordered an entire premium box (!), and YouTube has a copy of the amusing Japanese commercial for the Suntory-produced beverage.