genguit.jpg Everyone loves eBay, and on our latest trawl through the biggest marketplace of randomness in the world, we found a couple of neat game-related items. First up is a copy of Radio-Electronics magazine from 1970 which must be one of the first magazines ever to include the words 'game' and 'computer' on the cover at the same time (in this case: 'Try to beat R-E's "Penniac" $150 game computer'.)

There's not much info about the Penniac online, but we note that Radio-Electronics magazine itself was founded by Amazing Stories founder Hugo Gernsback back in 1929 - not the only game-related magazine publisher to come out of the pulp magazine era.

Secondly, and sparklingly, we found a guitar made from a Sega Genesis. I think we need to repeat this. It's a guitar. Made from. A Sega Genesis. Unfortunately, the seller reveals: "No, the game system is not functional, but it is a real Sega Genesis." Right now there's a grand total of zero bids at the $99.99 starting price - though perhaps the insano collectors are waiting til the last minute to pounce. Or maybe they're not, because it's a guitar made from a Sega Genesis. Either way.