bcraft.jpg Yes, yes, we know, April Fool's Day was several millenia ago, and GSW didn't even bother pulling anything (we were going to finally run something on Halo for the Gizmondo which is actually true, but then nobody would believe it because it was run on April 1st, and... fuggedabutit!) Still, the nice folks at Shacknews have rounded up most of the game-related April 1st gags unleashed early in the weekend, to good effect.

One of our favorites is Blizzard opening a Burgercraft restaurants, because, let's face it, wouldn't all of us go anyhow? ("'The Zerg Rush All-You-Can-Eat Special'... 'Zealot Fries (french fries with “special” sauce to stimulate your psychic potential)'... yum!)

Also, it appears that Ars Technica has reviewed Duke Nukem Forever, branding it as "a fast-paced game that caters to everyone's worst impulses", and noting: "I'm sure we'll hear from every politician after this game, and of course this is worth about ten more months in the limelight for our ol' buddy Jack Thompson." The only worrying thing about the 'review' is how close it may be to the actual game review in 20XX, of course.