shao.jpg A few days ago, our eye were drawn to the quirky game review site Defunct Games which, well, pretty much does what it says on the tin - review a bunch of obscure, sometimes interesting, sometimes terrible video games.

Especially good is the site's fascination with poor Philip CD-I games, including Shaolin Road, of which the reviewer notes: "Very little is known about this game, aside from what I’ve ascertained by playing. No one is a talking about this one online; they probably don’t want anyone to know they’ve actually experienced the tragically ludicrous adventure of which we are about to embark."

Even more lovely, and just posted, is a review of ALF for the Sega Master System, for which it's explained: "ALF the game takes place right after Gordon Shumway has crashed his spaceship. It's an action game not unlike Acclaim's Simpsons games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. You hop around in a 2D environment avoiding the feds and collecting items you need to progress through the game." And eating cats!