darwin.jpg It seems like only the other day that we talked about Cinemaware Marquee as one of our alt.publishers to watch (they've signed interesting games including Space Rangers 2, yay), and now they're at it again, announcing Introversion Software's IGF Grand Prize winner Darwinia as signed for U.S./Canadian PC retail release this June.

Most interestingly, it's noted: "Darwinia will be available for $29.99 in June everywhere games are sold. As an added bonus, the game will include an exclusive poster and collectible figurine." Is the figurine going to be a Darwinian, and will it be cute? Inquiring minds want to know.

[Also, Introversion has a rather fun account of their IGF award experiences up on their official website, complete with a video from the Chronic Logic chaps of the fateful winning and swearing moment.]