cakem.jpg Via Phil Steinmeyer, a pointer to a new casual game weblog, Logler, that is trying to do a canonical PC casual game top 10, which is "based on data of top 15 major casual games portals".

It's pretty interesting to see the results of the second chart, which has Sandlot's Cake Mania, another title spawned from the Diner Dash school, albeit much more elegantly than Roller Rush, firmly atop the rankings.

The people at Logler have also compiled a list of the major casual game portals, which, oddly enough, I can't recall anyone else having done before. Thus, with more 'professional' casual game review sites like Gamezebo, and the continuing RealArcade sales stats available at Game-Sales-Charts, there's a lot more discussion and ranking of casual titles lately, it appears - a good thing.