tubee.jpg There are certainly some hardcore game sites out there, but one of the weirdest we've found recently is Mick Feuerbacher's page on PlayStation 1 audio playback, for sure.

Basically, Mick explains: "You may have heard that the Sony Playstation is a remarkably good CD player. Indeed this is the case for the very first model, the playstation 1 model SCPH 1002... On this page I will, one by one, add a series of... modifications [which] turn the PS into a truly audiophile piece of equipment, which, concerning the sound quality, clearly beats commercial "high-end" CD players up to price ranges of several thousand Euros."

These tweaks range from the relatively straightforward PS1 CD drive laser tweaking, through some much more complex audio output circuitry to clean up the sound, all the way to audio damping using a children's bicycle inner tube. Honest. And to cap it all, there's even a modchip removal tutorial - welcome to Bizarro World! S'all extremely neat, mind you. [via normalroach].