mash.jpg We don't often cross-reference features on sister game development site Gamasutra (mainly because we presume that you read it anyhow - you'd better!), but up today is a particularly GSW-relevant feature, a set of interviews with the ' Controller: Artists Crack the Game Code' artists.

What's that, then? Let us excerpt: "An exhibition held at the InterAccess Media Arts Centre in Toronto, Ontario between February 25th and March 25th 2006, Controller: Artists Crack the Game Code displayed the works of artists working in the field of video game modification. While some installations exploited inherent flaws of games to create artistic glitches, such as the Radical Software Group's Prepared Playstation, or Tasman Richardson's Atari videos, others had taken a more hands-on approach, from Myfawny Ashmore's Mario NES hacks, to Prize Budget for Boys' arcade machine recreations."

We probably like Ashmore's reply discussing feedback on her Mario-related work the best: "Some people get mad at what I've done, like it's video game blasphemy or something. One guy came up to me and yelled at me and said "Why did you do that? You ruined it!" as thought I had permanently altered his relationship to the game, which if I had, was impressive to me. Some really get into the existential aspect of it. Some just think it's funny, which it also is. I'm happy with any of those reactions, as long as no blocks come flying through my window."