llama.jpg Over at the Global Gaming League e-sports website, they've posted the results of the fourth annual Golden Llama Awards, where, "In a groundbreaking awards ceremony, GGL's own Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham broadcast live from Azeroth, assuming the virtual persona of a Tauren to announce the winners of the machinima/fragmovie contest."

The awards, which are "a machinima movie festival celebrating the best productions made with the engines of video games played competitively all over the world", is somewhat 'frag'-happy, rather than being all about narrative-based movies, thanks to its e-sports relations, hence the awarding of Get Quaked 3, a happy movie of in-game avatars exploding in spectacular fashion.

Also a multi-award winner is the R3 Clan Trailer, which uses Enemy Territory to create "an explosive trailer with a new and exclusive freecam", since it's possible to hack around with the game pretty extensively to create new camera effects, etc.