frodo.jpg When I used to edit Slashdot Games back 'in the day', we used to try to cover a smattering of the latest board game stories alongside the typical video game jazzola, with the excellent being one frequent source.

This time, however, it's not ogres, but yetis providing board game goodness, with Defective Yeti's new guide to the best two-player board games of today and tomooooorow. The number one pick is Lost Cities ("...a very clever (and remarkably fun) rummy variant, which makes immediately accessible to non-gamers. The rules can be explained in three minutes, an entire game takes about thirty. Plus, chicks dig it.") And it has an online version, which makes it technically GSW-able!

Also heavily recommended is Lord Of The Rings: The Confrontation, also reviewed by the Yeti in fine fettle ("The atmosphere of the epic is recreated by the game: Light seems doomed from the get-go, and most victories by the good guys are Pyrrhic in nature. In the last game I played, for example, I threw Sam to the wolves -- the Wargs, actually -- so that Frodo could move one more step towards Mordor.") How delightfully evil!