esheep.jpgOver at Clickable Culture, the blog of GSW contributor TonyW, there's an informative post pointing to a new game weblog devoted to virtual worlds of various kinds, and named

The 3pointD About page explains things well: " reports on the emerging 3D Web — sometimes called the metaverse — in all its manifestations. From virtual worlds like Second Life to applications like Google Earth, from cool mapping hacks that link up real-world locations to new ways of creating virtual ones, from concepts like folksonomy to the culture of online worlds, find news and feature articles about all that and much more at, every day."

Interestingly, the blog has a oft Second Life-linked sponsor, and one (as TonyW points out!) just discussed on CNet, as the About page continues: " is kindly sponsored by the Electric Sheep Company. While occasional eSheep announcements may appear on 3pointD, they’ll be clearly marked as such. Otherwise, the site is managed and edited by journalist Mark Wallace, with no direction from anyone."