fds.jpg You guys may recall chipmusician Jeremiah 'Nullsleep' Johnson from his regular 'Cherish The Chips' column for GSW, but he's also planning The International Chiptune Resistance World Tour 2006, an awesome multi-country tour with fellow chiptune god Bit Shifter.

As is explained: "Equipped solely with Nintendo Game Boys and NES consoles, this two-man cell operates as a highly dangerous mobile chiptune assault unit. Deployment date: May 2006; mission objective: total chiptune conquest; and a mission trajectory encircling the entire world, with more than 20 strike points throughout Europe, Asia, and North America." Possible dates include New York, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and beyond.

However, the team need a little cash to make the resistance occur, as they explain: "This around-the-world endeavor is entirely self-financed, and at the same time, among the most expensive undertakings we have attempted. For anyone in a position to help the cause, we are gratefully accepting donations. We have set our final goal at $3000. By donating, you will be helping us strike a victory not only for 8-bit music, but for independent music in general. The time is now." $357 contributed so far!