xbface.jpg Over at Hexus.net, they have news that the Xbox 360 faceplate biz is about to get much freakier, since Chinese company Jetion, which runs the Game210.com website, is now showcasing prototypes of 3D bas-relief X360 faceplates.

The faceplates, which are being shown at CeBIT 2006 in Germany, would likely need HR Giger-licensing before actually being produced, as Hexus suggests, but it's clear that the era of the collectible faceplate is well and truly among us - anyone know of a website that's collecting and listing all the variants, both first-party and third-party?

In fact, quite apart from the retail faceplates, oddities such as a faceplate that was part of the Gorillaz designers' art collage for the X360's UK launch, plus the inevitable exclusive Zero Hour faceplate are regularly changing hands for largish sums on eBay. Now there are pre-order faceplates too, will the madness ever stop?