graw.jpg Over at GamerDad, long-time columnist Dave Long has a piece discussing the idea of 'the new co-op trend', subtitled: "Before 360, it really wasn't about playing together. But rather about beating each other, killing each other, crushing each other under the heel of a boot."

So, what's he talking about? Well: "In a trend that will hopefully continue throughout the life of the system, game makers are suddenly offering the one thing PC gamers have clamored for ever since Doom: Cooperative Gameplay Modes. Good ones. The most recent example is the game I've been playing the most since Wednesday, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter."

In fact, Long suggests of the game: "The solo missions are a graphically rich jaunt through Mexico City that I've only spent the briefest amount of time with thanks to the superb multiplayer flip side of the game", and further points out: "Ghost Recon isn't the only 360 game that's got co-op. Perfect Dark Zero is improved some by featuring that gameplay mode too. Kameo: Elements of Power also has a co-op feature. It's gotten to where Microsoft now has it as an official bullet point entry on some game boxes if the game has the feature." Anyone else got fave X360 co-op modes?