segaviz.jpg The continually entertaining UK Resistance has now dug up some early '90s UK Sega ads [vaguely NSFW] that appeared in Viz magazine, the "popular British adult spoof comic magazine".

We particularly admire the 'To be this good takes AGES / To be this good takes SEVEN PINTS' tagline, but all of the print ads are delightfully bad/good/something - as UKR's Commander Zorg notes wistfully, in between staring at ladies through the window with his binoculars: "Nowadays it's all viral marketing web sites. How we miss proper adverts with prices on."

However, all is not well in UK Resistance land, since a shocking new site named US Resistance has appeared, and seems to be attempting a semi-lame 'American humOr' version of UKR's patented 'what are girls? we like Outrun!' schtick.

As a commenter ably puts it: "I like the way US Resistance has placed UK Resistance in its 'sites we hate so much they don't even deserve a functioning link' section, even though the idea to put that section on the front page at all came from UK Resistance. Americans: this is what people call irony." Unless, of course, this is a tremendously elaborate UKR-originating joke. In which case, we may need to go and lie down.