shroud.jpg Over at U.S. handheld site Modojo, which we referenced the other day, they have a look at the GPS functionality for U.S.-aimed mobile RPG title The Shroud, and it's very interesting stuff.

Your World Games VP Robert Sprogis explains the GPS-related concept for the Harvest Moon-ish mobile RPG, which actually includes farming challenges for its other major online mode: "Players with GPS compatible phones will be alerted to breaches during their gameplay. A compass will point them in the direction they need to go, and they will have to physically move themselves to these breach spots in order to embark in these GPS challenges."

And where might these be? According to Sprogis: "All the obvious landmarks would make great choices for breaches, anything from the Empire State Building to the Golden Gate Bridge. It would be pretty cool to see a whole bunch of Shroud players standing out in the middle of the Golden Gate competing in a GPS challenge." As long as the authorities think they're going to stay on the bridge, of course, yikes.