sauer.jpg Over at the Linux Revolution blog, there's a post about 'next-gen' Linux games that shows there's a number of neat titles out there - often available for Windows _and_ Linus' language, but available nonetheless!

The post's intro quips: "If you thought the Linux gaming world consisted of nethack, pp-racer, BZFlag, and well... fortune, you were wrong."

Among the new titles showcased include TA Spring ("a 3D remake of [Total Annihilation], but also has the capability to run brand-new content and serve as an engine for new RTS games"), plus Sauebraten ("The next-generation Cube engine/game. It features some funky realtime geometry editing, single and multiplayer action, and a pretty big user community.")

As the conclusion notes: "f there's one thing that should be clear, it's that modern, open source, next-generation games are beginning to emerge onto the Linux desktop. The graphics in these games these games is coming back up to par with commercial titles, and exciting new open-source game engines are allowing development to proceed at an incredible pace."