tetri.jpg Excited anticipation for Nintendo's forthcoming Tetris DS (for which the British Gaming Blog has lots and lots of luscious images) has caused the DS Neologasm blog to post an eclectic linkfest to Tetris and Tetris-related games.

Firstly, it's pointed out: "I'm on Warp Records' mailing list for downloading something from Bleep at one point or something, so they sent me this ad about some web game... you might notice certain similarities with a certain game of recent interest. It's a pretty nice Flash rendition, with some awesome music."

Secondly, there's some fun linkage regarding the recently X360-bound (at least in Japan!) Tetris: The Grand Master, as it's noted: "Along with this explanation came this video of Death Mode from the game's creators, Arika. Wow. There's also this other Death Mode video from iFilm. Arika has more videos on their movies page: look for the section with "TGM" links." All very neat stuff.