stepui.jpg Over at ZDNet, there's a cute new report up headlined 'Microsoft sees Dance Dance Revolution in e-mail', and continuing: "The software maker's research unit has developed a prototype e-mail program in which cubicle dwellers can wade through e-mail and delete messages using their feet."

According to the story: "The genesis of the footwork project is that computer input is a continual strain on the hands, while other tasks, such as playing the piano or riding a bicycle, use both hands and feet. It's part of a broader look at the role feet can play in computing, an effort dubbed "Step User Interface" (StepUI)."

In fact, there's an official page for StepUI on the Microsoft Research site, which even includes a video [WMV] of the project in action. Apparently: "Average heart rate increased 19% while using StepMail and 13% for StepPhoto", and "Taking a break from the keyboard was popular". So this is clearly the medium of the future!