gdc_06_small.gif Over at the continuously excellent UK Guardian Gamesblog, they asked a few leading UK developers to document their time over at GDC this week, and a number of the results are in.

Dave Millard at Kuju put up a long synopsis of his week, which notes very cannily of the Nintendo keynote: "By the end, the crowd are in a frenzy and the whole thing has felt slightly religious." The new Scientology, we suspect.

Also contributing is Thomas Arundel of IGF Grand Prize winners Introversion, who recounts his winning experience at the IGF on Wednesday night, and he rather cutely understates: "I got a touch carried away, and vocalized a view on publishers that touched a chord with the audience", continuing: "For 60 seconds (we timed it on the video afterwards :) the hall erupted in applause and I genuinely experienced the best moment of my life."