pockgam.jpg So, it looks like it's been in vague stealth mode for a while, but an attractively slick new portable-oriented (mobile/DS/PSP/GBA) UK consumer site called Pocket Gamer officially launched today - and it looks both reasonable and readable.

The site (not to be confused with Ziff Davis' U.S. print property Pocket Games) seems to be staffed by journos including current contributors to the UK's B2B-centric Develop magazine, including ex-Edge editor Joao Diniz Sanches and current Develop editor Owain Bennallack, but doesn't appear to be a product of Develop parent Intent Media, rather a spare-time and/or freelance project for those involved.

In any case, some fun PocketGamer articles thus far include an in-depth review of Flitzer, a soccer streaking title (!) in which "In just 90 seconds of streaking, your aim is to achieve as high a score as possible without getting caught by the fuzz (so to speak)", as well as, wait for it, how to play online with N-Gage Arena, a subject rarely broached on other sites. Overall, if you can split your gaming up into portable and non-portable flavors (something that we personally don't always do), this site, or comparative U.S. newcomer Modojo, which has the same concept, may just be for you.