ubikong.jpg Although, we know, Ubisoft's King Kong game was released a while back, The New Gamer has just put up an intelligent essay called 'King Kong & the Merits of Character Interplay which tries to explore exactly how Michel Ancel's game differentiated itself from the pack.

Author G. Turner points out: "There's no one glorified leader in this crew, everyone just pitches in when they can. Ann will prompt you to follow her to take a certain route instead of getting lost. Hayes often be by your side, helping you pick off approaching Venatosauruses, and occasionally tossing you an extra gun (only if you ask first though). Even Carl will occasionally put his camera down to lift a hand in combat or help you open a door. And they aren't mute either - these crew members communicate with you..."

The concluding paragraph takes this point further, encompassing majestic loner Kong himself: "It is this character interplay that King Kong: The Official Movie of the Game excels at. The reactions Ann, Hayes, Carl and other members of the crew have when they interact with you infuses the title with personality that is widely lacking in many action games. The game itself is hardly perfect, but these character nuances and co-operative interplay go a long way towards overcoming the monotony of that comes over the title's later hours. Ancel then uses the comfortable cooperation of the film crew to underscore Kong's isolation, producing two very different playing experiences." An excellent critique.