ripper.jpg We at GSW haven't been covering pinball enough, besides a random post about PC pinball controllers or two, so it was a delight when RetroBlast spotted that " forum members have started receiving invitations to pre-order remakes of [1997's] Medieval Madness and [1998's] Cactus Canyon to be made under the Bally name."

The people behind this remake are Australian firm The Pinball Factory, who've licensed classic Bally IP for this neat hobbyist reissue, and RetroBlast mentions: "According to the pre-order forms, reserving a machine will set you back $2500 and the total cost will be $5000 plus another $500 in shipping from Australia."

In addition, The Pinball Factory is working on a brand new, original 'Crocodile Hunter' pinball machine using the Bally name, described as currently "in the development stages". Over at Bally's Wikipedia page, it notes that "The Pinball Factory also has bought the right to manufacture new games using his company's new hardware system under the Bally brand." It's a bit tricky to see the playfield in detail, but certainly looks like a 'little ripper', as the ads say, and it's great to see pinball machines not entirely dead and buried.