oldnew.JPG The Little Mathletics blog has been doing some further updates, and has also added an interview with PainStation's Tilman Rieff about the "game of Pong within a specially designed cabinet that would whip and shock players hands, often causing tangible wounds."

The official PainStation site has more info on the latest iterations of the machine, which we recently covered when discussing the Pong Mythos exhibition, and gets a preciously art-styled quote from Tilman on what his collective, fur, has as its aims: "We are developing "art entertainment interfaces"...mechatronic artifacts that are re-evaluating the boundaries between man and his apparatus. Most of the time our creations are gaming machines that somehow incorporate new interactive experiences."

And, of course, every German art terrorist has to have a credo, and it appears that the PainStation guys' one is, simply enough: " World domination, legalize marijuana and make Shigeru Miyamoto president!" Well - fair enough.