pacfield.jpg Now here's a light-hearted post for a Sunday evening - the excellent Google Sightseeing website, subtitled 'Why bother seeing the world for real?', has posted satellite-snapped pictures of a giant Pac-Man crop circle, complete with dots (and presumably not 'power pills', as GS suggests, since any fule kno you don't get two of them in a row!)

Looks like the field in question is just outside Reading in England, and apparently, the Google Sightseeing folks have spotted the great yellow one before in field irrigation designs, noting in terribly geeky fashion: "From all the way up here, it looks like some sort of cool pixel-art."

Oh, and a plea for help - while we were Googling for context on this piece, we spotted a news item about a themed Pac-Man wedding from 1982, from a couple who "met, dated and fell in love playing Pac-Man". Apparently: "Not only were the aisles adorned with Pac-Man popcorn balls, the 450-pound wedding cake had four-foot high figures of Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man kissing on a tall pedestal overlooking a simulated playing field of the popular video game." Where are they now? Are there any pictures of the wedding? We must know.