civgage.jpg There are, clearly, some schools that think Nokia's N-Gage phone-handheld melange was an unmitigated disaster, Sidetalking and all (hey, even Nokia made fun of that [.MOV]). In terms of actual sales, that's likely true. But a recent LJ post by 'RoushiMSX' makes the case that the N-Gage has been unfairly ignored, at least recently.

Roushi comments: "You know why I want an N-Gage? Because it has some badass games available for it. I know, I know... most people only remember Tomb Raider, Pandemonium, and a small handful of other titles that came out at launch. You've probably seen the cases of the games pushed in the very back, most impossible to find location in your Gamestop."

He goes on to list: "Some key highlights of the N-Gage library (which is what...53 games strong right now?) are: Pathway to Glory and Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands (86% and 78% on Gamerankings),High Seize (87% on Gamerankings), Glimmerati (87% on Gamerankings), Pocket Kingdom (70.1% on Gamerankings), Civilization (74% on Gamerankings), Rifts (83% on Gamerankings), Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (86% on Gamerankings) and soon Warhammer 40,000: Glory in Death."

For what it's worth, us here at GSW have been digging the recent N-Gage games, too, and a recent Gamasutra interview with Nokia's Jani Karlsson indicates some significant N-Gage related announcements at GDC later this month, so let's hope there are some good N-Gage compatible smartphones (even the QD's form factor is pretty horrid!) or some other neat changes announced there.