metas.jpg The smart kids over at Idle Thumbs have spotted a brand new Half-Life 2 mod release of interest to, well, just about everybody. It's an extension to the MINERVA single-player, described as "Significantly influenced by games such as the Marathon and System Shock series... [featuring] enigmatic directions and instructions from an unknown third party."

Let's let the Thumbs explain fully: "Adam Foster has released the second level in his intense single player Half-Life 2 modification, MINERVA. If you're jonesing for some Source action in the time between now and HL2: Episode...One, go check out MINERVA's Metastasis 2 right away, you."

Interestingly, Foster was one of the modders profile in the recent CGW/1UP 'Mod Summit' feature that we mention on GSW, adding some fighting comments about his design ethos: "We don't have to deal with focus groups insisting on lowering things to some lowest common denominator. My first Minerva maps are fairly straightforward, but I have some much more outlandish ideas for the future. One dispenses with combat entirely-at which point, those hypothetical focus groups are violently scribbling in their notebooks with red ballpoint. I couldn't care less."