megam.jpg We're so not bored of 1UP's 'Retronauts' columns that we already covered the first two, so there's no reason not to link to the third 'Retronauts', about Mega Men (!) old and new.

Though Jeremy Parish notes of the series' over-complex lineage: "Even those who have been into the series from the beginning (such as myself) can't help but shake their heads in dismay at a series where spin-offs (Mega Man X) get spin-offs (Mega Man Zero) that get spin-offs (the upcoming Mega Man ZX for DS)", he does wax lyrical about Mega Man: Powered Up for PSP, the forthcoming title that is "a complete reimagining of the very first game, supervised by [series creator Keiji] Inafune and digging deep into the series mythos."

Particularly to be drooled over in 'Powered Up' is apparently the construction mode, covered heavily by Parish in his 1UP preview, and a very good use of the PSP's PC transfer/storage capabilities. Overall, it's concluded with grins and trebles all round: "By and large, Powered Up seems to do the original Mega Man justice. The one missing element is a pixel-perfect port of the NES game... but apparently you can download 8-bit stages from Capcom's servers, so maybe there's no reason to complain."