fluffy.JPG We like the folks at Edge Online because they try to hew a little differently from your average 'OMG! PS360!' weblog. They also post material from the excellent mag of the same name, and the latest Edge feature to be posted is named 'Long Live Live Arcade', dealing with the Xbox 360's downloadable game service.

We particularly like that the article is honest about some of the current hurdles for the groundbreaking service: "There are still pitfalls to be negotiated: the interface will need some substantial revision as the service expands, and the arrival of weaker games like the relentlessly vapid Feeding Frenzy could possibly weaken confidence in the system."

But none other than the saintly Jeff Minter comments: “Live Arcade is pretty much the natural home for the likes of Llamasoft", and the conclusion is truly uplifting: "But if standards can be maintained and improved, and an increasing userbase matched with increasing publisher support, then Live Arcade stands a real chance of returning to the days when innovative games were sustainable for small-scale developers, and accessible to whole households of new players." Rejoice!