cover4.jpg The ever-excellent RetroBlast! has managed to spot that the Las Vegas City Life has an entire cover story about Tim Arnold's new Pinball Hall of Fame.

As RetroBlast! puts it: "Not only does the article discuss the hall of fame, it looks into what makes pinball worth preserving, and why Tim Arnold has devoted a major chunk of his life to this endeavor. As Tim himself put it, "This is a labor of love. Or insanity."

And heck, any article that starts: "On a recent Thursday afternoon, Tim Arnold deftly works the flippers of a Centigrade 37 machine as he explains the pinball concept of mindf*ck. Guiding the ball by shaking and rattling the game like it owes him money, he talks about how a fairly simple electromechanical device like this can carry you to the brink of glory -- only to dump you in the pit of defeat" is good with us!