chick.jpg Seriously, we're _still_ not bored with the Fun Motion physics & games blog, and one of its latest updates has a handy video-inclusive review of 'bizarre little game' Kumoon by Mikko “Mayoneez” Oksalahti.

According to the official website: "Kumoon is a hybrid of a third person shooter and a puzzle game. Player controls a chick that tries to knock down boxes in various rooms by shooting them with a revolver, shotgun or a bazooka."

Fun Motion blogger Matt Wegner notes of the odd little title, which won the game development competition at Finnish demo-scene party Assembly in 2005: "Despite its puzzle influences, Kumoon doesn’t resemble a logic game. Most of the stages play in a very free-form fashion. Instead of a single “correct” solution, you can change the blocks’ colors in any order you see fit. There are some rules you should apply, though." Please to go blow up ze boxes with ze chickies, also.