bronze.jpg Over at Grand Text Auto, Nick Montfort has pointed out a couple of particularly interesting new text adventures that have been released from a couple of the leaders of the amazingly still-ticking over genre.

Nick says it so well that we'll let him explain: "Leading IF author Emily Short has released two new games, and Graham Nelson, IF author and creator of the widely-used IF system Inform, has a new IF offering, too. Graham’s piece is entitled The Reliques of Tolti-Aph. Emily’s new games are Damnatio Memoriae (set in the Savoir-Faire universe) and Bronze (a “fractured fairy tale” based on the legend of beauty and the beast). They were all coded in the soon-to-be-released Inform 7, and they come with lavish virtual “feelies” such as PDF manuals, a map, and a walkthrough (for the weak)."

Of course, Montfort would know because he is the author of Twisty Little Passages, the MIT Press book which "is the first book-length consideration of [interactive fiction], examining it from gaming and literary perspectives." It's got an entire chapter on Infocom, which automatically makes it great, incidentally.