frasse.jpg We covered the triumphant return of Jozef Purdes and his Independent Adventuring monthly column not two or three weeks ago, and he's already back with an excellent longform guide to February 2006's releases in both the freeware graphic adventure and text adventure field.

In fact, Purdes conclusion is so good, that we will reprint it here for further perusal: "All in all, I was quite happy with the February crop of games. One in particular, Frasse and the Peas of Kejick stands out as a very good and quite long adventure game, and has all the elements for being highly visible in next year’s adventure awards. Others, in particular Spooks, Automation and Heart of Abraxas were very entertaining, and the latter two also featured quite innovative game mechanics."

Purdes ends by noting: "With only a few disappointing games and several good ones, February turned out to be great for adventure enthusiasts", and he even deals gallantly with 'misfits' such as Mickey Mauser, noting: "It is not often that a game begins with a long disclaimer, apologizing to anyone who could possibly be offended while playing it. The reason for this is that you play a Nazi mouse skeleton, bent on conquering the world." [Via AG.]