biskup.jpg We've previously covered the latest incarnation of the excellent 'I Am 8-Bit' art exhibit and book, and Game Informer Online now has new images and info on this year's 'I Am 8-Bit 2.006' art show.

According to the article, "On Saturday, April 22, the exhibit will play host to the official book release party. Here, show goers can pick up the book, and get it autographed by artists and authors. Plus [curator Jon] Gibson noted there will be a surprise DJ, the band 8-bit Weapon will play, and there will be a Capcom themed bar (who will sponsor the exhibit) with Capcom inspired cocktails." Mm, Capcom cocktails - sold!

Gibson also comments on some fresh interactive exhibits: “This year there will be a few surprises, kind of like the NES controller, that I’m not going to divulge. But if you show up you’re going to be surprised. If all comes together it’s going to destroy the 8 foot NES controller." We're very much looking forward to it, since 'I Am 8-Bit 2.006' is also open during E3.