hgm9.jpg So, over at Hardcore Gamer Magazine, the latest issue of the neat North American PDF/hardcopy game fan-magazine, #9, is available for download.

We covered the last issue of the mag, which is put out by the DoubleJump Books folks, and they continue to do quality work, with the cover featuring Grandia III, and previews including Daxter and Syphon Filter, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, and Blazing Angels.

Finally, for features, and we quote directly: "We like to chase down our Grafx with a swig of Super and that's what we got goin' on here. Relieve the Danish's wonder years, where Axes were Legendary, Keiths had courage, and JJ & Jeff were two "confused" detectives looking for love in all the wrong places."

(We think this previous paragraph is about the TurboGrafx16/PC Engine, but it could be an elaborate sex cult.) [Via SiliconEra.]