vektar.png You guys know the GP32, right - Game Park's intriguing Korean handheld? Well, the GP2X handheld from GamePark Holdings has just debuted, and the results of the first GP2X game coding competition have now been released, fan site notes.

The results page notes: "Well, it was a risk holding a 20 day coding comp this early on in the GP2X's life - but it paid off. Some 26 entries and some great releases for you to check out." The overall winner was 'Bubble Train', which looks suspiciously like PuzzLoop/Zuma, closely followed by the not at all Geometry Wars-like Vektar ("Jeff Minter would be proud. Dreamy visuals and silky smooth blastem up gameplay"), followed by the GNUBoy Game Boy Color emulator, but other goodness included an Acorn Archimedes emulator (!) and an obligatory Yahtzee game (an update from GP32, since GP32 games don't work with the GP2X, doh!)

Wait, you say, but isn't there an XGP handheld from Game Park as well? Well, the Wikipedia entry explains the highly confusing situation well: "Game Park is the creator of the GP32. In mid August 2005, they announced the XGP. This system is one of the two units that make up the successor to the Korean handheld GP32. The other one is the GP2X, made by GamePark Holdings (a separate company that split off from Gamepark in early 2005 and which consists of all but one of the engineers responsible for the original GP32)." The XGP is more of a commercial game device, whereas the GP2X is strictly homebrew, all the way. So now you know.