enzo.jpg Nope, we're still not bored of that Gizmondo Enzo crash-o story. And nor are the Los Angeles Times, apparently, since their latest investigative report reveals that: "The car's owner, Stefan Eriksson, a former video game executive from Sweden, told Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies who responded to last Tuesday's accident in Malibu that he was "deputy commissioner" of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority police anti-terrorism unit, detectives said Thursday."

Uh... what? Apparently, this obscure Transit Authority, which has its own .gov website, has a uniformed police force, much to the concern of some local L.A. officials, and: "two unidentified men arrived at the scene on Pacific Coast Highway [just after the accident], flashing badges and saying they were from "homeland security," according to sheriff's department officials." Now, police want to question _them_.

But wait, there's more - the WreckedExotics page on the incident is still updating, and someone has stitched together an aerial view of the incident taken from TV news helicopter pics. Uh, wow.

Finally, according to Wrecked Exotics: "[Eriksson's apparent passenger] "Trevor" had asked a motorist who stopped after the crash if he could use a cellphone. "Trevor" used the cellphone while sitting in the motorist's car. After "Trevor" left the vehicle, the motorist discovered [a] gun clip stuffed in the crevice of the seat." Aw, why couldn't it have been a modified Gizmondo gun instead?