gdc06.jpg A final update from Game Developers Conference 2006 in San Jose, Calif - again, check out the mad crazy Gamasutra show coverage, if you dare, but here's some final vignettes:

- The absolute best thing about the Nintendo keynote yesterday was the Nintendo University-certified protestor walking around outside, and urging Nintendo to 'Drop The Bomb'. In the event, no such Megaton event occurred, but it's just an awesome example of fanboy love - we salute you, Sir!

- The second best thing about the Iwata keynote was, of course, the English-language copy of Brain Age given away to all the attendees, about a month before its official release date. Needless to say (and I know I was joking about a similar Sony thing earlier in the week), copies are already up on eBay. So if you need a photocopied note from Satoru Iwata in your collection, bid often, and bid early!

- The third best thing about the show was apparently the amount of Pictochat action going on in all the major keynotes. Of course, this anonymous metachat style leads to merciless barbs, such as when Valve's Gabe Newell accidentally started talking about 'beef' (as opposed to 'brief') in his Choice Awards intro spot, to a chorus of Pictochatted 'LOL' comments. Next time, GDC, let's see the Pictochatrooms projected on the screen behind the speakers - OMG?