gdc06.jpg Well, it's still Game Developers Conference 2006 in San Jose, Calif this week, and we're still rushed off our feet, but in lieu of lots of GSW articles, we'll present a couple of interesting facts from the show:

- We ran into the founder of Inis (Gitarooman and Ouendan creators!) last night, and he mentioned they would be showing a new game at E3. So... new Inis game at E3! Yay! Maybe it's the X360 (?) thing they have weird screenshots for on their website.

- Sony is showing some PlayStation 3 material on the show floor, which opens today. All we spotted thus far as we ran past yesterday while it was still being constructed was there were some ducks in a bathtub (a previously shown tech demo!) But more ducks and a bigger bathtub than the PlayStation 2 duck bathtub demo! It's that kinda console, folks!

- You may find all kinds of interesting articles on the Gamasutra GDC 2006 coverage page - so far, we liked both Serious Games Keynotes, and that Emotion Boot Camp was pretty wacky, fun stuff. Today, we have been reliably informed, there are some big keynotes from people like Sonee. More soon!